Egyptian Traveler Guide: Top Egyptian travelers to follow

Are you wondering how many Egyptians are traveling the world? Those who are real hardcore travelers, backpackers, or even a solo female traveler? Surprisingly, in the last few years, the numbers are growing. I always used to wonder if traveling abroad on a budget would become one day a trend for young Egyptians? Yeah, it’s happening!

I started to explore the Social Media and blogs, trying to find all those travelers out there, and I found a lot of them. Impressive travel stories, adventure pictures, great travel tips and much more. Even at my friends list, I can see the beautiful faces of some of my friends while they are sky diving, visiting Europe, Thailand and so on. I did try to list some of the most interesting and engaging young travelers to follow. I know that my list could include several more, so feel free to send me your suggestions.

The most engaging

let me start with the most engaging Egyptian travelers who continuously provide travel stories and tips.

Passainte Assem – Travel Holic Girl

Passainte AssemPassainte is a travel writer evangelist, photographer, travel junkie and adventurer from head to toe . If you want to read about solo travel experiences, travel adventures, travel tips, or even stunning travel pictures, you have to follow her. Her journey of travel writing is impressive. She is like everywhere when you are looking for travel tips from an Egyptian prospective. She provides interesting insights about popular and off the beaten path destinations, cultures and travel adventures. Passainte participated at seven Group Photography Exhibitions, won in three national competitions and one Special Jury Prize in Jordan.

Facebook Page: Passiante Assem

She publish her stories at, also contributor to Scoop Empire, “What Women Want” Egyptian magazine, World Nomads, and was also selected as a travel blogger.

Mahmoud Mostafa Kamal – No Fixed Address

Mahmoud KamalMahmoud is one of the most interesting people to follow. His page “No Fixed Address” is a big online community for Egyptian travelers. Although, he provide interesting tips and travel stories from all over the world, he also post stories for other Egyptian travelers. Not only that, but he also run a Q&A on his page to reply questions and provide tips. Amazingly, sometimes he could receive more than 200 questions on a single post, as people always try to learn from his experiences.

The young Egyptian travel, accomplished more than 18 travel journeys around the world. Mahmoud is a journalist and solo backpackers who always travel on budget and he doesn’t only provide tips, but also write about cultures, food, and life experience. His wish is to live in a world without borders and the slogan he always use is “Travel”.

Facebook: No Fixed Address
instagram: @mm.kamal
Snapchat: mmkamal

Bassi and Amr – Olé Travels

Bassi and AmrBassi Hamid and Amr Tahtawi are two passionate photographers and travel freaks who are keen on inspiring others to pursue their travel dreams. Beside designing budget trips, photo tours and writing travel blogs they also love to create communities for travelers and share their stories. Follow them or join their to benefit from the tips, travel hacks and merchandise that will be your tools in getting the most out of your adventures!

Facebook: Olé Travels
Group: Olé Travels Group
Blog: Ole travels Blog

Abdullah El Shamy – Travel Bug Egypt

Abdullah El ShamyAbdullah El Shamy is 22 years old and one of the youngest Egyptian travelers. He has been traveling since 2007 when he was 16. Abdullah found his passion in traveling! Traveling alone, with no return ticket might scare some but it’s what he lives for. This all started for him when he went for an internship to Europe and when problems with his accommodation emerged, he traveled alone for the weekend. He then decided to not go back and go for a trip around Europe on his own.

It is impressive to follow his journey of over 60 countries in 5 years, while still studying with half of them from his own savings as a student, he is proving that the real experience in traveling isn’t the lavishness but the journeys taking you to the destination. Abdullah is still following his passion for travel and helping others with tips on how to obtain visas and book flights in order for him to support his own travels. This pursuit soon evolved into his initiation of his own travel agency named Travel Bug Egypt.

Facebook: Abdullah El Shamy
Instagram: @abdullahaelshamy

Maha Hussein – The Wanderlust Diver

Maha Hussein

Maha is a young Egyptian girl who loves diving and travel. Since she wanted people to benefit from her travel experiences, she decided to write about it. She always write about traveling from the prospective of an Egyptian girl and what is top concerns. Maha loves to show how some honeymoon destinations are not only for honeymooners and she provides tips on how to explore those places and the activities you could enjoy. She also sometimes write about different topics like music and events.

Facebook: The Wanderlust Diver

Fady Hanna – Travel Delights

Fady HannaAn Egyptian traveler who traveled to 86 countries across the globe and visited 5 continents and all the 7 world wonders. Fady’s dream is to travel to every country on our planet, explore all the continents including Antarctica and follow his crazy dream of visiting outer space. He shares travel stories and travel adventures and also he share other travelers stories.

Facebook: Travel Delights

Marwan Lotfy – Travel like an Egyptian

Marwan LotfyMarwan decided to quit his job in his 30th birthday and to start his first mission “Travel all over Asia for 1 Year with the lowest budget”. Marwan created “Travel Like an Egyptian” page to provide a live journal for his travel adventure. He continuously provide useful tips for budget travelers and insights about each destination he visits. Follow Marwan and enjoy the daily photos and stories from Asia.

Facebook: Travel Like Egyptian

Heidi Sohdy – I Travel

Heidi Sohdy

It is inspiring to meet an Egyptian Muslim veiled girl which became a solo traveler. Heidi, the 29 years old, traveled 12 countries in the past four years. She is one of the most inspiring travelers for Egyptian girls who struggle against the fear of traveling alone and overcoming the community concerns. Heidi usually share her tips and travel stories which is very useful for girls who love to start their first travel adventure.

Facebook: I-Travel

Adham Hamshary – Around World

Adham Hamshary

Adham’s mission is to motivate everyone to travel. If you want to learn how to sleep at Singapore airport, how to stay in a capsule hostel in Japan and how to use couchsurfing to save money while traveling, you can benefit alot from his YouTube channel and Facebook posts. Adham believes that travel would change your life and he always encourage people to explore the different cultures around the world.

Facebook: Around The World
YouTube Channel:

What about the most famous?

With no doubt our list should also include the two famous Egyptian travelers:

Omar Samra

Omar Samra

With a long list of impressive accomplishments, Omar Samra is the most inspiring Egyptian traveler to follow. He is the first Egyptian to climb Mount Everest, the 7 Summits and ski to both the Geographic South and North Pole (The Explorer’s Grand Slam). He started his adventures at the year 2002 with a 370-day trip across Asia and Latin America covering 14 countries. The objective of his trip was not to visit as many countries as possible but to truly explore every country visited. The trip was completed on a $20/day budget.  Omar won a competition to represent Egypt on a commercial space mission. If completed, Omar would become the first Egyptian in space.

Facebook: Omar Samra
Instagram: @omarsamra

Ahmed Haggagovic

Ahmed HaggagovicAhmed Haggagovic is an Egyptian traveler, peace activist and a TV presenter, who traveled till now to 125 countries around the world. Traveling with his Famous Egyptian flag which became very famous due to the signing of many of the world leaders , presidents and ambassadors on it as a sign of support to his peace mission around the world. Ahmed is very famous with his Russian name “Haggagovic”, his adventures are usually featured in the media and he always provide travel stories and tips on his page.

Facebook: Haggagovic

The Other two

Oh! Well I also have another two unique travelers to follow (which happen to be a travel bloggers on this blog). You can enjoy there blogs or follow their pages on Facebook.

Ingy Sedky – Finding Purple

Ingy Sedky Egyptian Traveler

Ingy is a solo traveler who visited more than 35 countries. She enjoy collecting hats from each place she visit and take photos of purple things she find along the way. Ingy’s mission is to inspire more and more Egyptians, and women in particular, to be eager to step out of their closed circle, to travel more and to find interesting things to do while traveling. Ingy is in love with the purple color and it’s one of the things she always search for while traveling. You can follow her travel stories about several travel destinations, cultures and even travel colors!

Blogs on Travel Wak: Ingy Sedky
Facebook: Finding Purple
Instagram: @purplography

Yehia El Decken

Yehia ElDeckenYehia encountered more than 93 trips and 1065 days around the world. He also organized thousands of group trips in Egypt, Kenya, Europe, Latin America and Asia. Yehia is a travel evangelist, travel entrepreneur and tourism manager. He always love to create new trip ideas off the beaten track. Yehia attended a wilderness expedition course in the USA when he was 17 years old. He have been always passionate about hiking and mountaineering since he had his first hike was at the age of 11.

Facebook: Yehia El Decken

I believe there is still much more of Egyptian travelers out there. If you have an Egyptian traveler you follow, travel story or recommendations, please send to me at

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